Currently, it is not possible to control the STPS X via the Data Manager M. In systems that use a Data Manager M, e.g. for controlling PV inverters, the STPS X must currently be installed with its system manager function as an independently running system. If possible, make sure that both systems do not control to the same set point. Alternatively, existing PV inverters can be integrated into the system manager of the STPS X so that the Data Manager M can be dispensed with.
Since both the System Manager of the STPS X and the Data Manager M run as independent systems, monitoring takes place in two separate systems in Sunny Portal. However, it is possible to integrate aggregated information from the Data Manager M into the STPS X portal. To do this, the Data Manager M is aggregated as a solar inverter in the STPS X by carrying out the following steps:
  1. Add new Modbus device in the System Manager of the STPS X.
  2. Click Manage Modbus profile and create a new Modbus profile
  3. Select solar inverter as the device type and complete and save the Modbus profile configuration (alternatively: import a pre-configured profile that can be obtained from the TESVOLT service).
  4. Complete the Modbus device configuration (device name, IP address of the Data Manager M , port = 502 and unit ID =2).
For further assistance, contact TESVOLT Service.