The prevailing conditions in the installation rooms are always different. Under certain circumstances, the standard system setups recommended by TESVOLT cannot be implemented. For these purposes, alternative lengths are available for the APU to inverter/BatBreaker and BatBreaker to inverter connector sets, which can be ordered directly via the configurator. The respective standard system structure for single or master-slave systems is shown in the valid installation manual.

  • For the connection of the APU to the inverter or BatBreaker we offer cable lengths of 5 m (standard), 10 m and 15 m. These cable sets can be shortened on one side so that they can be individually adapted. One end of the cable must be assembled on site using the components supplied.
  • For connecting the BatBreaker to the inverter we offer cable lengths of 1.5 m (standard), 5 m and 10 m. These cable sets cannot be shortened and are already pre-assembled at both cable ends.