To scan all components correctly during the installation process, please follow the order of the items displayed when you push the Button "Add New System".

The items must be scanned in the following order:

1. Start with the master APU.
2. Scan all associated battery modules..
3. Scan all hardware components (cabinet, inverter manager or similar).
4. If you also have slave APUs in use with your system, then continue with the next APU and follow steps 1 & 2 with the slave components again until the system is fully installed.
5. In the final step, you will be asked about the completeness of the system and the WB number on our nameplate (which is located in the accessory box). The number starting with WB represents the serial number of the entire system.
6. After all components have been scanned confirm it with the "Complete installation process" button.

If your system is built with multiple master APUs, please use the commissioning protocol instead of the service app for now.
Currently, only one master APU can be considered within the service app. Multiple master APUs will be implemented in the service app with later updates.