The TS 48 V system can be used for ON GRID and OFF GRID applications.
A TS 48 V battery module comprises a capacity of 4.8 kWh. Depending on the quantity of modules required, which are already shown to you under the nominal values, you select the desired cabinet type (TS 25 / TS 40 / TS 50).
Within the product configurator, the size and the tilt height (important for the room height of the installation site!) of the different cabinet types are displayed. If you prefer two different types of cabinets, please contact our customer service.
In addition to the modules you will receive the Active Power Unit (APU) from us, which controls and monitors your modules. For a 3-phase OFF GRID system, two APUs are added. In the 1-phase OFF GRID system as well as in the ON GRID area, one APU is sufficient for up to 16 battery modules.
In Germany, applications with more than 3 Sunny Islands are not available for an ON GRID application, a so-called multicluster system (See also: Warning: "This configuration is not available in Germany"). However, if your delivery is to be made abroad, please ignore the note in the configurator.